We have such beautiful friends and customers!

We have such beautiful friends and customers!

We had an overwhelming response to our recent model search competition and we were absolutely blown away by the hordes of gorgeous women entering! 

After our last shoot (Summer 2015) we had quite a lot of ladies asking if it would be possible to model for us.  So, we thought, let's give one lucky lady the opportunity to guest model at our next shoot and conduct a mini-model search competition.

Well, "mini" is not the right term as it turned into a mega-model search with entries pouring in.  So many stunning ladies!  And so many ladies who refuse to be defined by the "stick-thin-someone-give-the-girl-a-hamburger" stereotype the media industry crams down our throats.  Our Sistas are standing up for themselves, putting themselves out there and it's a beautiful thing to see.

So much for the shrinking demure wallflower of yesteryear.  Our Gals Are Ownin' It!

This is what we know for sure about our Miss Moneypenny Ladies:

They are beautiful

They are self assured

They are curvy

They are hot

They are confident

And they are whatever the hell they decide to be!


But, as much as we love all our entrants, there can be only one winner and it was really hard to choose.  The judges deliberated long and hard, arguments ensued and almost a fist fight... (not really).

Ten finalists where chosen.  After more discussions we picked our beautiful winner - the gorgeous Mandisa.



Mandisa is everything the Miss Moneypenny brand would like to embody.  She is strong, confident, self-assured - and as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.  She carried herself like a true professional on the shoot - fitting in, digging in and working really hard for us.  Thank you Mandi for your presence on our shoot - it was an honour to work with you! x

Have a look through our website for more of the wonderful Mandisa!


Also if you feel you have what it takes to feature in our next shoot, keep an eye on our Facebook page.  We may decide to run this competition again!


Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from our shoot.  Enjoy!