How to Dress for your Body Shape

Feeling glamorous and looking gorgeous is all about working with what you've got.  Hide what you don't like and accentuate what's great.
Before you set out to dress your shape, you need to work out just what that shape is.  Most women fall into five categories:
  • Apple - if you tend to carry around the mid section (or you haven't kicked the post-pregnancy tum).
  • Pear - hips are wider than your shoulders, with a well defined waist.
  • Hourglass - lucky you!  Your hips and shoulders are in proportion with a well-defined waist.
  • Rectangle - straight up and down, with not too much definition.
  • Wedge - wide shoulders and chest with a narrow waist and hips.
Once you've spent time in front of the mirror and worked out your shape, you can then decide which of our tips to follow.  
Miss Moneypenny wants all her lovely ladies to feel comfortable and confident.  After all, it's easier to conquer the world when you know you look fabulous!

Apple Shape

  • Clothes should be loose around the middle but snug elsewhere.  Think tunics or empire waist tops to conceal any tummy bulges.  
  • Structured dresses to skim over problem areas and heels to elongate those legs.
  • Slim cut pants with blousy tops look great on an apple shape.
  • Think monochrome.
  • V-necks will give the illusion of a longer body.
  • Belts are fine but make sure you are wearing them at the smallest part of your waist.
  • Apples tend to have great legs - so work it baby!  Let's see them!
Don't draw too much attention to your waist - high waisted jeans are out!
The Miss Moneypenny Neptune Dress is perfect for our Apple Ladies. 

Pear Shape

You want to emphasise your upper body while minimising your hips,
  • A line skirts flatter wider hips.
  • Balance hips with wider hems.
  • Light coloured tops with darker bottoms draw the eyes up where the attention should be.
  • Wider necklines will create balance.
  • Show off your ams and shoulders in a strapless dress.
Don't do detail on the hips and thighs ie cargo pants.
Pears look great in our "Caribbean" range.

Hourglass Shape

Choose clothes that work and move with your shape and show off those lovely curves!
  • Focus attention on the waist with synched in jackets, belts and wrap dresses.
  • Wear a great bra to show off your best assets.
  • Fitted dresses and high-waisted skirts look great on an hourglass.
  • Show off your curves but make sure clothes fit just right, not too tight.
Don't wear baggy clothes - just don't!
Showing off an hourglass figure with a synched-in waist in a dress from our "Earth" range.

Rectangle Shape

Once again it's all about balance.  If you have a boyish figure you'll want to choose items to soften and add definition.
  • Keep things tight in the middle but flare out at the bottom to add balance.
  • Boot cut pants give the illusion of shape.
  • Fitted jackets will give your waist some added definition.
  • A feminine top with ruffled sleeves will soften the straight lines and make your waist look smaller.
  • Flared skirts give the illusion of a smaller waist.
Steer clear of baggy clothes and anything that doesn't add structure around the waist.
Creating definition at the waist and adding volume with a flared hem - the Miss Moneypenny Bahama dress is perfect for rectangle shapes.

Wedge Shape

Also known as an inverted triangle, our Wedge-Shaped-Ladies should accentuate the lower body while softening the shoulders.
  • Draw the focus down with colour.  Think killer heels in a pop of colour.
  • Wide legged pants and full skirts to create balance.
  • Create an illusion of a waist with clothes that synch in at the waist.
  • High waisted pants and skirts will show off your narrower lower body.


Don't wear anything that will broaden your shoulders i.e. boat neckline tops.

The defined waist in our "Diamond" dress adds shape to Wedge Shapes.


So those are our tips on accentuating your best assets.  

Always remember that you are unique and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.